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ORANGE TIE stands for novelties, creativity and innovation.
ORANGE TIE, the main supporter of the European Chemistry Partnering.

ORANGE TIE is the brand which supports the European Chemistry Partnering (ECP) annually in February and the ECP Summer Summit as the late summer edition of ECP in September. European Chemistry Partnering is The Unique Business Speed Dating for chemistry and all its many different and divers user industries.

ORANGE TIE - international communication consultants

Why Orange?

ORANGE is the color of Joie de vivre, curiosity and creativity. In the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – SDGs –, the United Nations consciously took the color ORANGE for the triad of "industry, innovation and infrastructure".

ORANGE TIE - international communication consultants

Why Blue?

BLUE, the color of ECP, stands for the Blue Ocean. In the BLUE Ocean you have a permanent profitable business model. Creativity, curiosity and permanent innovation play important roles at business models within the BLUE Ocean: On a daily basis and for everybody in a BLUE Ocean organization.

ORANGE TIE is the brand in the BLUE ECP Ocean - around Innovation and innovative business models.

Chemistry makes the World go around® … and in particular the chemistry between us, between us human beings.

European Chemistry Partnering.

Join in!

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ORANGE TIE - international communication consultants

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